About INDX

INDX is a curated community of designers, makers, creative directors and creative influencers in fashion and technology.

We know that creative talent thinks differently. We also know that while you may have a great job or project underway, you have curiosity about what else is out there: what’s happening inside big brands, emerging companies, the tech sector, advances in sustainability, and a hunger for culture in general. This curiosity drives everything you do.

INDX is about discovery and being discovered. It’s about creating a new path into the future, being surprised and sharing your personal ambitions. On INDX, you will find new connections, learn the most relevant tools for creative expression, and discover new information and experiences designed for the creative leaders of the future.

Our mission and principles

INDX was created to address the needs of emerging creative and design talent in a new era of entrepreneurship and transparency, and with the awareness that both the fashion and tech sectors need this talent now, more than ever, in order to bring viable and sustainable products and ideas to life.

Our vision is to establish a community where members, those passionate about building the companies of the future, can explore new ways of working and make connections in a framework that recognizes that design is essential.

Inherent to this vision are the tenets of integrity and trust. The community must always demonstrate respect for what’s important to all members.

Presenting your work

How you present yourself and your work requires the same consideration and effort as the creative work you do everyday. INDX is a place to honor your work, and your aspirations for what’s next. Be honest about who you are, what you’ve done, what you want, and most importantly, be open.

Why we curate the community

While we embrace all creativity, different people are ready for different things at different times. Today, INDX is focused on building a community of creative and design professionals with experience in fashion, and an interest in technology. If your background doesn’t suit this description, you will be placed on a waitlist, as in time we will begin to expand our community into other disciplines.

Because INDX is a creative design community where work is meant to be shared and celebrated, you must include visuals of your work with your application. You may link to a dropbox folder, your online portfolio, or similar, but applications that do not include visuals will not be accepted. Please allow up to 5 business days for us to evaluate and reply to your submission.

The Team

INDX was created by the leaders behind Karen Harvey Consulting Group and Fashion Tech Forum. We are a small team of experienced brand consultants, creative recruiters, talent scouts and industry thought leaders with over 50 years combined experience in helping connect top talent and brands. We evaluate applications based on a few key factors, including experience with recognized brands, education, and whether we see a certain level of creativity and promise in the work.

I have a great job. Should I still join INDX?

Absolutely. INDX is about creating your future as much as enhancing the present. Don’t hesitate to express interest in learning more about a new brand or opportunity - it does not mean you need to leave your current job any time soon.

Our partner brands know that INDX is not just about recruiting; it’s about engagement. It’s also about learning, building communities and connecting. Our brands are interested in meeting you today, even if that means you may not be available until next year. Exploratory meetings with potential future partners or employers are always valuable, and keeping those relationships over time is the best way to make important decisions and changes in your career. INDX exists in part to help you find and form those relationships.

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